Serving Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Starbucks Serenade

Starbucks Serenade

A perfect cup with a thoughtful touch.

With engaging content on its intuitive 17" screen, the versatility to add a customer payment option and the ability to brew 38 8-oz cups per hour, Serenade™ single-cup brewer offers your guests, employees and business a genuine Starbucks Experience.

A freshly brewed experience.

The unwavering commitment to quality that Starbucks offers is now available to your customers & employees—one freshly brewed cup at a time.

Delicious variety in every serving.

  • Coffee
  • Iced Coffee*
  • Tazo® Chai Latte
  • Hot Chocolate

Three whole bean hoppers with five coffee varieties to choose from


New Immersive User Interface

·         17’’ screen to bring the Starbucks experience to life

 Tazo Chai Latte

·         Ethically sourced and all-natural ingredients

 New Hot Cocoa

·         Ethically sourced and all-natural ingredients

 Iced Coffee

·         Fastest growing category in the coffee market

 ADA Compliant

·         Ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities


·         Integrated UST payment system option