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Coffee / Tea Product Catalog

We offer an extensive selection of the best brands of coffee, tea and much more.

Featured Brands

Green Mountain
Café Pilon
Twinnings Tea


Regular Coffee

We carry a wide selection of regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, gourmet coffee, and flavored coffee. Everyone enjoys a fresh cup of coffee at the office. In the morning, it wakes us up, getting us ready for the workday. In the afternoon, it gives us that added push to get through the final hours of work. With such a varied assortment of coffees, there is sure to be the right one for your office staff and clients.

Brew by the cup

We offer the broadest selection of K-Cups available from Green Mountain, Timothy's and Glori Jeans. From dark roasts to decafs, there's something for everyone. This extensive collection includes Extra Bold Varieties (for a little more robust taste,) a delicious assortment of Celestial Seasonings teas, plus rich and creamy hot cocoa.


A cup of hot, strong espresso is a perfect way to start your day. Nothing has more energizing benefits than espresso.


A cup of cappuccino makes a great afternoon snack. It is a great afternoon coffee, without the extra calories.


From hot fresh brewed to specialty teas - all are available for your drinking pleasure. Tea is an excellent choice at work. Throughout the centuries, it has been believed that tea aids in good health. Today, there are many varieties of teas, from those that help you relax, to those that provide energy. There are even teas that help burn calories. In the morning or after lunch, tea is a great alternative in the office.

Hot Cocoa

At any time of the day, a cup of rich and creamy hot cocoa will soothe you and help you get through your day.