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We carry a full selection of the paper & plastic products you need to keep your office or break room clean and organized. We also maintain a wide selection of paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, paper plates, cups & saucers, as well as kitchen accessories and plastic utensils.

Dart Conex Translucent Plastic Cup 12 Oz

Dart Domed Sipper Foam Cup Lid

Dart Foam Cup Lift N Lock Lids

Dart Insulated Foam Cups

Dart Portion Cup 3/4 oz

Dixie PerfecTouch Domed Plastic Lids

Dixie PerfecTouch Paper Coffee Cups

Flavia Logo Cup 10 Oz

Flavia Logo Cup Lid

Green Mountain Ecotainer Paper Cup

Green Mountain Hot Cup Sleeve

Green Mountain Plastic Gourmet Domed Lid

Solo Paper Hot Cup Lid

Solo Polycoated Hot Paper Cups

Solo White Paper Cone Cup 4 Oz

Starbucks Hot Cup Sleeve

Starbucks Paper Coffee Cup

Starbucks Plastic Lid


Chinet Plastic Bowls 12 Oz.

Chinet Plastic Plates 10 1/4″

Chinet Plastic Plates 6″

Chinet Plastic Plates 9″

Dart Foam Bowsl 10-12 Ozt

Dart Foam Plates 6″

Dart Foam Plates 9″

Dixie Paper Plates 6″

Dixie Paper Plates 9″

Genpak Foam Plates 6″

Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls 20 Oz

Dixie Ultra Paper Plates 8.5″