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Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend is one of our most popular blends. It has a rich taste and medium acidity. Breakfast Blend is our classic, lively, and vibrant New England breakfast cup.

Café Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

One sip of our velvety rich milk chocolate cocoa and you’ll know you’re enjoying a higher order of hot cocoa. Unbelievably creamy, unquestionably satisfying—it’s an ideal treat for moments of indulgent relaxation.

Original Donut Shop Regular Extra Bold

Remember the good ol’ days with this sweet, full-bodied All-American classic.
Before coffee was complicated, great coffee was simply fresh, bold, and flavorful. Coffee People® brings back the classic donut companion with this ideally balanced brew of the highest quality Arabica beans… dunking is encouraged.

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend

Easily our most complex blend, Nantucket Blend® brings together four coffees — from three continents — roasted and blended to create a cup of exceptional character and distinctiveness. It’s inspired a loyal following for more than 20 years.

Café Escapes Dark Chocolate

Dedicated chocolate devotees know the dark stuff is the ultimate in decadent indulgence. Rich and sophisticated, with just the right amount of sweetness—it’s a moment of luxurious escape you can enjoy every day.

Café Escapes Café Mocha

When cocoa and coffee get together, delicious things happen. Delectably sweet and surprisingly delicate, our Café Mocha’s a sophisticated treat that’ll make your “me time” more amazing.

Green Mountain Golden French Toast

A “breakfast” so good, you won’t want to skip it. This Limited Edition coffee is one of several created to reflect the best aspect of each season. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.

Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend

Vermont Country Blend is a mixture of light and dark beans. The result is coffee that is sweet, rich and aromatic, with a pleasant lingering finish. This coffee is one of our most popular blends.

Green Mountain Half-Caff

All the flavor, half the caffeine. Perfect when you want a little late-afternoon or evening pick-me-up without a sleepless night. Fresh from the roaster®.

Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Roast

A European dark 100% Arabica roast, full bodied and balanced with chocolate overtones. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.

Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea

This classic tea evokes the flavors of the great English tradition of teatime. We blend the highest quality black teas from places like Assam and Kenya for a robust, full-bodied brew with a subtle floral note.

Café Escapes Chai Latte

This product contains milk. Product is trans fat and gluten free. Caffeine content is estimated at less than 10 mg per serving (versus 100-150 mg in Arabica coffee). Contains a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners

Eight O'Clock 100% Colombian

Full-bodied 100% Arabica coffee with a lingering sweet finish and rich aroma that can only be produced in Colombia’s rich volcanic soil.

Eight O'Clock Hazelnut

Rich and playfully sophisticated, this 100% Arabica blend delivers a nutty aroma with a sweet, lingering flavor. A treat you can enjoy anytime.

Eight O'Clock Original

A bright, 100% Arabica roast offering sweet and fruity hints in a well-balanced flavor. Perfect for any occasion.

Barista Prima French Roast

This intensely bold, elegantly-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of our roast masters’ consummate artistry.

Barista Prima Italian Roast

This rich, heavy-bodied cup with its ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honored Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffeehouse brews.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

A rich and creamy chocolate experience.

Barista Prima Colombia

There is magic in the Andes. A potent energy that imbues the coffee nurtured there with near-mythic flavor.

Barista Prima House Blend

Your favorite comfy chair. A window to watch the world go by. A rich and delicious cup, freshly prepared, just for you.

Caribou Coffee Mahogany

Mahogany is a dark brew that is rugged by nature and roasted to perfection. Coffees from Sumatra, Guatemala, and El Salvador are combined to achieve a perfectly balanced blend