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LavAzza Espresso Point Matinée

The Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee Inox gets right to the point of brewing: delicious espresso that you can enjoy in a matter of moments. The Point Inox uses only convenient pre-packaged cartridges that are uniquely designed for use with this Lavazza machine, allowing you to make a shot of espresso without the mess. Each small plastic cartridge is filled with a special blend of Lavazza coffee that will produce great crema and a high quality taste, no grinding, dosing, or tamping needed. There is also a selection of tea, hot chocolate, and even consommé available for use with the machine as well. Please note that the Point is only compatible with these cartridges, not ESE pods.

This Lavazza Point Matinee Inox machine shines in its chrome-plated stainless steel housing. Its compact size makes it easy to fit on most kitchen counters, and the water tank, with a capacity of up to 3 liters, is accessible from the top of the machine. The Point also features a swiveling steam wand that’s perfect for making cappuccinos and lattes.

Lavazza LB 2317

Lavazza LB 2317

The latest Lavazza innovation in the world of espresso. Designed by Saeco, LB2317 fits in all environments, from restaurants to breakfast rooms and self-service solutions.


Elegant, professional, technological, versatile and powerful, LB2317 is designed to give you an even more intense experience thanks to its ease of use, silence and the perfect combination of the coffee’s taste and flavor. LB2317, the difference in one touch.

Size and weight
18.9 In WIDTH (W)     11.02 In DEPTH (D)     14.96 In HEIGHT (H)     18 lbs WEIGHT

Energy management

120 V/ 60 Hz POWER     230-240 V VOLTAGE     VOLTAGE 50-60 FREQUENCY Hz

Technical features

  • Manufacturer: Saeco
  • Two boilers
  • Mobile coffee spout
  • Hot water spout
  • Large capacity drawers for both the pod collection and waste water drainage
  • Adjustable height for cups of different sizes
  • Alert for automatic washing cycles
  • Easily removable and washable milk foam dispensing unit
  • One-touch recipe selector
  • Interactive panel to manage fixed recipes, doses and data settings
  • Smart USB for data download and control