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Enjoy the aromas of the Nespresso professional coffee machines in your office, and discover new flavors and textures every day. Check this list of suggestions Nespresso® pods

Nespresso Espresso Forte

Pure Arabica from Brazil, Central and South America, this espresso is characterized by its rich taste and elaborate aroma. It is best enjoyed in a small cup with a touch of milk froth for a gentler finish.


Nespresso Espresso Leggero

A savoury mix of South American Milds, Brazilian Arabicas and Robusta, this light and refreshing espresso, with an aromatic and mild taste, is best enjoyed in a small cup.


Nespresso Lungo Forte

Lungo Forte is a thick and velvety, rich and intense Lungo variety. It is obtained exclusively from South American farms independently verified by the Rainforest Alliance and is a 100% AAA Sustainable Quality™ Grand Cru. Enjoy it in a large cup with or without milk.


Nespresso Lungo Leggero

A delicate combination of floral Milds from East Africa and gently fragrant beans from South and Central America, this lungo is very aromatic. Enjoy it in a large cup to best appreciate its fruity bouquet and mild taste.


Nespresso Espresso Decaffeinato

The combination of South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta gives this highly roasted coffee all the strength of a true espresso. Tasting reveals hints of cocoa and cereal notes with an intense body. Espresso Deceffeinato is perfect served in a small cup.


Nespresso Ristretto Intenso

A Conillon Robusta from Brazil naturally sun dried especially for Nespresso and a rare washed Robusta from Guatemala bring a deep intensity to the blend without the typical harshness that Robustas normally carry. An Arabica from South America imparts smoothness to the blend.

Exceptionally intense and syrupy. A daring blend of South and Central American Robustas and Arabica, Ristretto Intenso is a full coffee of exceptional intensity with notes of pepper and a creamy texture.

On a intensity scale from1-10, this is a 12. An exceptional coffee experience.


Nespresso Espresso Origin Brasil

Sweet and satiny smooth

A pure Arabica coffee, Espresso Origin Brazil is a delicate blend with a smooth texture and an elegantly mild and sweet flavor enhanced by a note of lightly toasted grain. It is best enjoyed in a small cup


Nespresso Lungo Origin Guatemala

A blend of Arabica and washed Gourmet Robusta coffee, LUNGO ORIGIN GUATEMALA is a smooth and balanced blend with intense dry and malty cereal notes underlining its bold character.


Nespresso Ristretto

Composed exclusively of South American Arabicas, Ristretto cloaks its strong personality with a dense and smooth crema. It is best enjoyed strong in a small, half-filled cup.


Nespresso Lugo Decaffeinato

Lungo Decaffeinato is a well-balanced, fresh mix of naturally decaffeinated South American Arabicas and Robusta. Subtle and mild, it is best enjoyed in a large cup.


Nespresso Ristretto Origin India

Ristretto Origin India is the marriage of the finest Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from southern India. It is a full-bodied coffee, which has a powerful character and notes of spices.